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Since 1983, Computrols has provided first-rate professional service for large building automation systems. Find out how we can help you. Email us or call 504.529.1413 today!
Computrols designs, manufactures, and services state of the art building automation systems throughout North America. For over 30 years, Computrols has been a leader in the building automation industry, leveraging its intuitive software and hardware and the industry’s only lifetime warranty on everything the company manufactures.</p> <p>Computrols direct digital controllers are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA and support a number of open and proprietary protocols, allowing for direct interfacing to third-party equipment. Today, Computrols solutions encompass HVAC control, lighting control, access control, and fire alarm, all of which can be managed from Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS).</p> <p>The company’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located just outside of New Orleans, LA. The company also has branch offices in California, Texas, Washington D.C., and Florida as well as a distribution partner network that spans much of U.S. and several international locations.
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Introducing Computrols LX Controller Series!

Computrols LX Controllers are the culmination of years of research and development. The LX-Line brings the latest computer and electronics technology right to your facility, effortlessly integrating into your existing Computrols building automation systems. So why upgrade?

» 100% Backward Compatible

Unplug an X-Line Controller… Plug in the LX Controller… Set the address… and GO!

» Speed, Memory and Power

The computer section of the LX Controller represents a quantum leap in processing power and storage. All of the technical specs are hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than our classic X-Line controller. See our LX specifications to find out what you’re missing.

» Network Security

The years have brought advancements in technology, but unfortunately increased risk as well. LX Controllers deliver our latest and strongest security features to your control networks.

» Wire Check

Advances in our 4-in-1 circuitry have taken Computrols “ease-of-installation” to a new level. When it first powers up, the LX enters “Protection Mode” and examines terminated wires for problems. If something isn’t right, “Wire Check” lets the installer know so that the problem can be fixed.

» USB Port

What do you want to connect to your equipment? The new LX Controller’s standard features include a high-speed USB 2.0 serial port. Computrols vision of what a modern equipment controller should be includes USB, which opens a doorway of possibilities and allows you to integrate thousands of plug-and-play devices on or near your equipment. From tablets to printers to cameras to thumb drives, the list of supported devices is impressive and growing.

» Configuration App

Although you can still use the trusty Computrols Hand Held Terminal, the ease and power of a Nexus 7 is hard to beat. Just plug and play! Use your Android device to set the LX IP address, view your inputs, or control your outputs. Modern and convenient.

» Standalone HVAC Control

Many Computrols clients prefer to install our current X-Line Controllers in standalone applications (with no dedicated CBAS computer). The X-Line’s Internet Protocol design makes this especially convenient. But the LX provides next-generation features that make standalone configuration irresistible. An onboard Web Server, enhanced Security, onboard Graphics and History are just a few of the features that make the LX a powerful all-in-one solution.

About Us

Computrols is Building Automation.

At Computrols, we are passionate about bringing the latest automation technology to large buildings and other facilities. A variety of different facilities and institutions appreciate the sophisticated automation we provide, including:

» High-rise Office Towers
» Hospitals
» Universities
» Military Bases
Computrols designs, manufactures, installs, and services all of our products, in house— in the United States. This rewards us with a level of quality assurance that can’t be achieved through shortcuts and outsourcing.


Computrols offers a wide array of products and solutions to meet the challenging automation needs of modern facilities. From building automation software and electronic controllers for building equipment, to meters for tracking electrical usage or custom interfaces to 3rd party equipment; Computrols always delivers the simplest product designs, the most advanced technology and the highest quality service in the industry.

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Fire & Life Safety

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Access Control

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Life Cycle Cost of a Building Automation System Ebook

Life Cycle Cost of a BAS

Life cycle cost is something we innately consider when making large-scale and long-term purchasing decisions in our daily lives. Of all of the capital expenditures facility managers have to take into consideration, the building automation system is one of the trickiest to follow in regards to life cycle cost and savings. Our free ebook can help.

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Computrols Authorized DealerBecome an Authorized Computrols Dealer today! As an authorized dealer, you will be able to offer a wide range of Computrols integrated solutions to meet specific customer needs.

» Access to a seamless Integration with N2, MODbus, or BACnet Protocols
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