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Distribution Partner Testimonial – Greg Marles

Greg Marles

Thayer, LLC

Thayer, LLC
Auburn, ME

Video Transcript

I’m Gregory Marles. I’m the president of Thayer Corporation, located in Auburn, Maine. We are a 40 year old family owned company doing commercial industrial through HVAC and controls throughout all of Maine and New Hampshire.

What led you to look for a controls manufacturer to partner with?

We wanted to be able to offer more to our clients and more would be being able to help them better manage their facilities with their environments. And so we were searching for a partner that would allow us to take our experience and grow with their systems.

Why did you select Computrols?

We selected Computrols because it bas a program or system that allowed us not only just to do new installations, but integrate to existing systems that allowed us to expand more offerings to our clientele, giving them better service in the long run.

How has the relationship been since you started with Computrols?

We love our relationship with Computrols. We are looking to grow from where we started with one tech to ten to twelve techs within the next five years. So we’re really looking forward to growth and Partnership for a very long time. Well, I have to say that the tech support that we receive is phenomenal. We’ve been able to call and they help us walk through any and all challenges.

We order material. We have it in a matter of days. And even with COVID, we have not seen any supply chain issues. Mike, Clayton and Drew and everybody we’ve dealt with has been awesome. And we feel very supported as a distribution partner.

Tell us about one of your initial projects using Computrols

Our first installation was actually an integration, so we had integrated on a brand new platform that they were not happy with their current vendor that had only installed it for six months for seven locations, and it went extremely well. We’re very happy with the support we got from Computrols and the clients expanded use with us since.

What advice would you give to other contractors looking for a controls solution?

The first thing I tell you, go with Computrols, it allows for so much flexibility. Research who you want to partner with, Computrols is excellent for us. Understand that it is a building process. Don’t expect to make big returns within the first three, four weeks, months or even years. Plan it and go into it correctly so that you know that over the long term it is a viable option for you. 

If you’re looking to become a distributor, I would strongly suggest that you look at not only employing a good technician, but understanding what it takes to build that type of company or division going forward. I would strongly recommend Computrols. The experiences that we have dealing with them, the tech support, everybody has been phenomenal.

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The Path to Becoming a Partner

Rather than charging our distribution partners an arbitrary fee to represent our brand, Computrols simply requires an initial purchase of a bundle of products and training. The hardware and software included in the bundle can be used in your own facility, implemented in your first project, or leveraged in a sales setting.

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