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“Healthcare facilities that have implemented extensive energy efficiency programs have been able to cut energy use by 20%. For a 150,000 ft2 hospital, this can mean annual savings of $111,300.”

– Healthcare Environmental Resource Center

Building automation systems have become integral to maintaining safe, healthy hospitals and healthcare facilities. Healthcare facility managers are not only charged with maintaining the HVAC, lighting, security, and fire systems in these critical environments, but they must do so with a level of accountability that is unmatched by any other industry.

Why Computrols?

Computrols technology can be found in hospitals throughout North America providing comfortable, safe conditions for hospital staff, patients, and visitors alike. CBAS’ intuitive user interface is seemingly made for healthcare managers that need to be able to operate their own EMS without making regular service calls. Combine this with our lifetime warranty and unmatched reliability, and it’s easy to see why Computrols has become a leader in providing building automation solutions to healthcare providers.

Lifetime Warranty

Computrols’ industry leading lifetime warranty controllers are ideal for healthcare facilities, providing them the consistency and accountability required by critical environments. Beyond their superior performance, their lifetime warranty makes them the most economically feasible solution for facilities that will serve their communities for years to come.

Critical Facility Compliance Module

Computrols Tech with a ClientIndoor Air Quality (IAQ) is especially important in these applications as the wrong temperature or humidity could potentially become life threatening. Computrols understands the pressure put on hospital facility managers and that is why we created our Critical Facility Compliance Module. This module is intended to assist hospital management in complying with Critical Facility Compliance requirements. This CBAS module not only provides official record keeping of building operations in critical areas but also assists hospital management in ensuring that building staff takes appropriate action in response to critical events in a timely manner.

Web Accessibility

Often times, healthcare facilities are designed in a campus format and the BAS needs to be managed from remote locations. Computrols provides our customers with this access through CBAS Web. Through this portal, facility managers can remotely monitor and command the CBAS interface from any internet-connected device with a modern browser.

Real-Time and Historical Data

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities cannot afford downtime. Computrols Building Automation Software records histories on all points from the system’s inception enabling facility managers to fix hiccups in the system and analyze data to save energy. Other manufacturers’ systems require users to set up trends on a finite number of points which limits the ability analyze data for energy savings and requires the same points to fail again before users are able to fix a problem.

CBAS History Graph

In addition to the advantage CBAS provides with historical data, it also provides real-time information for all points in a system. No refreshing or question marks, all points are updated in real time.


“Hospitals tend to have hands-on facilities personnel, and their needs and requests are some of the earliest and most important criteria for the building automation system” – Jeff Harris, PE, LEED AP.

Computrols intuitive software allows facility managers to make quick and crucial changes to their building automation systems. Unlike other facilities, these critical environments cannot afford to wait for a service technician to come out and fix an issue. CBAS users have the ability to either make the necessary changes themselves or call our 24-hour tech support line for remote support.

We also give our customers the option of integrating to their current building automation system, maintaining much of their existing infrastructure. Our team always has the customer in mind. Working within budgets and utilizing your previous investments are considerations we will always take into account when starting to work with a new customer. With a long-term approach to budgeting for these projects and the ongoing maintenance, Computrols is the obvious choice for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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