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Lighting Energy Savings Calculator – These calculators are designed to show the estimated dollar savings on the energy bill from replacing incandescent.

Energy Management Assessment Matrix – This assessment matrix is designed to help organizations and energy managers compare their energy management practices to those outlined in the Guidelines. The full Guidelines can be viewed on the ENERGY STAR website.

Building Upgrade Value Calculator – The Building Upgrade Value Calculator allows practitioners to analyze the financial value of capital investments in energy efficiency measures in commercial real estate.

Commercial Energy Calculator

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The Entergy Commercial Energy Calculator provides you with estimates of energy use costs based on your inputs. The Annual and Monthly results are not intended to be extremely accurate, but rather to provide a comparison platform to give you the differences between the energy your facility is currently using “Base Facility” versus various “Scenario” variations. After you run a few variations, be sure to click the View Details and View Chart buttons for different views. To go back to view the details of a “Scenario” variation, click on its number.

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This calculator (zipped .exe, for PC only) from Kele calculates temperature, pressure, flow, length, weight, volume, area, work/force, power, heat, speed, light, valves, humidity, and wind chill. Download directly to your computer.

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