CBAS Web was originally created in the early 2000s for tenants in commercial office buildings to utilize a web portal to schedule their overtime air and lighting. Today, overtime scheduling remains the platform’s main use, but it is capable of doing much more. This solution also allows web-based remote access to the full CBAS system for building engineers, property managers, etc.

Seamless Integration with CBAS

CBAS Web is intended to be a natural, 100% web-based extension of our core software product. With separate user/password lists from the CBAS, you can create an easy-to-use environment for people to interact with their Computrols Building Automation System and perform core tasks. While items like Graphics and Logical Groups can be imported from the CBAS, users can also create their own views and dashboards that are separate from those in CBAS.

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Storyboards enable facilities management teams to convey building data to their occupants while at the same time, educating them on what this information means. Computrols team works closely with our customers to determine what information is most relevant and how to display it in a digestible format. Storyboards typically provide building occupants with a single, quantifiable metric for the passerby and a deeper dive into how that metric is calculated for those who want more detail. Whether it is progress on a construction project, energy consumption data, or indoor air quality measurements, Storyboards help you tell your building’s story to those who inhabit it on a daily basis.

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Overtime Tenant Billing Software

Unlike many after-hours web platforms, CBAS Web is not sold as software as a service. The software and web interface live on a server that customers purchase and own, giving property managers a quicker return on their investment and an ongoing revenue source. We have also found that when switching to a web-based overtime system, overtime requests increase by approximately 20%.

CBAS Web’s overtime platform is able to integrate into third-party building automation systems (BAS) to measure HVAC, lighting, KWH, and BTU consumption and provide property management with automated invoices that include variable-rate billing and taxes. The end result of this automated service is increased tenant satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

Overtime Air

Remote Access

Most facility managers need to have some degree of remote access to their BAS throughout the day. CBAS Web gives those individuals the ability to view historical data, set schedules and setpoints, edit users and access control settings, and view energy dashboards from any modern browser. More complex functions like changing logic and adding new equipment must be done through the head-end computer.

Portfolio View

Portfolio managers can connect multiple CBAS systems/sites to one CBAS Web server and provide a unified view across the entire portfolio. This gives them the ability to access their building automation systems for all of the facilities they oversee in one centralized location.

Access Control

CBAS Web not only gives facility managers the ability to manage their access control system from anywhere, but they can also allow for tenants to request access cards. CBAS Web’s access control interface also includes live activity widgets, full reports, integration with CCTV cameras, and a visitor management system.

Historical Data and Reporting

Unlimited histories, reporting, and exporting to pdf/excel or text are all built-in. CBAS Web trend graphs can show multiple points at the same time on an axis that can be zoomed in and out of in real-time. The graphs update and show point status changes as they occur.

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