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Computrols LX Controllers

LX Controllers

Computrols LX Controllers (datasheet available here) are the culmination of years of research and development, bringing the latest computer and electronics technology to your facility. As Computrols latest and greatest equipment controller, the LX carries over the entire feature set of its predecessor, the X-Line, as well as state-of-the-art speed, security, and memory.

Classic Computrols Feature Set

When our team set out to create the LX, we didn’t start from scratch. We built on the incredibly reliable and robust foundation of the X-line that carried decades of proven success.

Lifetime Warranty

As with all of the products that Computrols manufactures, the LX is made in the USA and carries a true lifetime warranty, making it the only parent-level direct digital controller (DDC) with such a guarantee.

Two-piece board design

The LX’s unique two-piece board design makes changing out hardware a 5-minute process, eliminating any potential downtime at our customers’ facilities. It also makes for easy controller upgrades, as we create new technology as a drop-in replacement.

4-in-1 Points

Every point on the LX Controller can be programmed in CBAS (Computrols Building Automation Software) as analog in, analog out, binary in, or binary out without the use of dip-switches or jumpers at the controller level. Having universal i/o on every point makes adding new components a breeze.

The Ultimate Integrator

Not only can the LX Controller communicate open protocols like BACnet and Modbus, but it can also integrate with proprietary third-party controllers by natively communicating third-party protocols. This enables our customers to leverage the majority of their existing controls system while creating a migration path to a more user-friendly BAS that carries the industry’s only lifetime warranty.

Top-Tier Security

The LX controller supports state-of-the-art TLS (Transport Layer Security) at the controller level. TLS has become known as the global standard for secure communication. This is the same security that is used when logging into your bank account via a website or mobile app.

Protocol Routing

The LX can expose a wide selection of legacy, proprietary protocols as BACnet IP points. The Controller’s two universal RS-485 communication ports can be used to communicate with over 25 proprietary and open protocols including BACnet, Modbus, JCI N2, Siemens FLN and BLN, Trane Comm 4, Teletrol TSC, and CSI I/NET.

Backward and Forward Compatibility

While most building automation manufacturers are known for obsoleting their solutions every 5 to 10 years, Computrols stands alone in building backward and forward compatibility into all of our products and backing them with an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

Enhanced On-Controller Memory

In addition to having vastly more onboard memory than the X, the LX also has the ability to expand its memory through the addition of an SD card or USB stick.

Speed + Bandwidth Improvements

While our X controllers supported up to 10Mbps communication, the LX controller supports up to 100Mbps. In other words, the LX runs 10x faster and will take only 10% of your network’s bandwidth as compared to the X-line.

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To find out more about the BTL and Protocol Routing features of the LX Direct Digital Controller, just click the button below.