Computrols adds BTL Listing and Protocol Routing to LX Controller

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Building automation system manufacturer Computrols has added a BTL Certification and the ability to route proprietary protocols as BACnet IP points as add-on options to an already feature-rich LX Controller.

The LX Controller has been one of the most dynamic and robust pieces of hardware in the building automation industry for the last 4 years. Boasting an unprecedented lifetime warranty, the LX provides installers and users supreme flexibility with its software-programmable universal I/O and unique two-piece board design. This parent-level controller supports state-of-the-art TLS (Transport Layer Security) and a variety of both open and proprietary communication protocols.

BTL Listing

Manufacturers are required to successfully test their products with a Recognized BACnet Testing Organization (RBTO) and maintain a Product Listing in order to use the BTL Mark. These organizations conduct rigorous independent testing to confirm that products correctly implement a specified set of BACnet features. Computrols is thrilled to have met all requirements with its 8-LX, 16-LX, 32-LX, and 64-LX Controllers.

Computrols CEO, Drew Mire stated, “We are very pleased to have the LX Controller carry the BTL Certification. The BACnet protocol has become an undeniable standard in our industry, and we are excited to have this validation for both our customers and distribution partners.”

Protocol Routing

Computrols has long been known for its ability to natively integrate with a wide variety of its competitor’s proprietary products, allowing customers to leverage their existing controls infrastructure. The company was one of the industry’s very first system integrators with their solution for Honeywell Delta 1000 systems in the early 90s and many more thereafter.

The LX can now expose a wide selection of legacy, proprietary protocols as BACnet IP points. The Controller’s two universal RS-485 communication ports can be used to communicate with over 25 proprietary and open protocols including BACnet, Modbus, JCI N2, Siemens FLN and BLN, Trane Comm 4, Teletrol TSC, and CSI I/NET.

“System integration has been a cornerstone of our business for the last 30 years,” said Mire. “We expect that this new feature, in addition to the other advantages we provide our partners, will be very attractive to other integrators.”

Computrols Building Automation System

The LX family of controllers are Computrols parent-level control boards in their turnkey building automation solution. They also provide a BTL Certified VAV product in addition to other sub-controllers to go along with their user-friendly interface known as CBAS (Computrols Building Automation Software). The company also has plans to launch a wireless line of products later this year.


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