Open Building Automation Systems

Over the last decade, proprietary building automation systems have progressively become a thing of the past. Although many manufacturers still require that you use their proprietary programming tools, the majority of them have moved towards utilizing the open protocols of the building automation industry: BACnet and Modbus. Employing these protocols has given building owners and operators more flexibility in their service partner choices as this standardization has made interoperability between systems easier than ever before.

BACnet Controllers with a Lifetime Warranty

Computrols has set the standards for quality and flexibility when it comes to building automation hardware for the last 30+ years. Now our system is setting the standard for openness as well. With a BTL-listed line of both parent-level and child-level controllers, each can easily be programmed in the intuitive Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS).

LX-BTL Controllers

On top of being backed by a true lifetime warranty, the LX-BTL is the most versatile controller and protocol translator in the building automation industry. As a translator, the LX is able to expose a wide selection of legacy, proprietary protocols as BACnet IP points. The LX Controller provides two universal RS-485 communication ports that can be used to communicate with over 25 proprietary and open protocols (BACnet, Modbus, N2, FLN, BLN, TSC, I/NET, Comm 4, etc.). This gives building owners the ability to leverage their existing infrastructure while upgrading to a new system over time.

Computrols unique, two-piece board design provides users the ability to change out a controller in just a few minutes, virtually eliminating potential downtime. The LX also features a full onboard web server that enables users to pull up the controller’s IP address in any browser and begin using the LX web application. Finally, the LX Controller comes in 4 point capacities (8, 16, 32, and 64), each point being software-programmable universal I/O.


Also backed by Computrols lifetime warranty, our BACnet VAV comes with 3 configuration options: 1. with actuator and pressure pickup 2. without actuator but with pressure pick up 3. without actuator or pressure pickup. Each configuration comes in a Belimo case, the gold standard for field device service solutions. The Belimo motors come with a 5-year warranty.

VAV Controllers

Modbus support

The Modbus protocol is known for its many applications in industrial automation, however, it is quite commonly seen in building automation operations as well. Each of Computrols’ LX controllers is equipped with two discrete RS-485 communication ports which can be configured to communicate any 3rd-party communication protocol we support including Modbus RTU. Modbus IP on the other hand, can be supported directly from any node on the Computrols network.