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Barber-Colman BAS Integration

Whether you refer to your building automation system as Barber-Colman, Robert Shaw, Siebe, TAC, or any of the other brand names involved in a slew of acquisitions during the 80s and 90s, you are likely in a scenario where you are doing everything you can to keep your system alive. Computrols is here to help.

Rather than continually purchasing obsolete parts to breathe life into this antiquated BAS, consider Computrols integration solutions as a means of progressively transitioning to a new system with better control. Computrols lifetime warranty LX controllers work as a replacement to the DMS350 and DMS3500 master controllers and are able to communicate the Siebe DMS protocol directly to the Barber-Colman sub-controllers (MN-ASDI and MN-FLO VAV). This is accomplished by utilizing the two RS-485 ports on the LX controller which can be programmed in CBAS to communicate a multitude of proprietary and open protocols. If your Barber-Colman BAS includes additional or different hardware, Computrols can likely engineer a solution specific to your system. Simply give us call to further discuss your needs – 504-529-1413.

This integration gives users the simplicity and power of Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) while leveraging the majority of their existing infrastructure. As time goes on and budget becomes available, our customers can upgrade to Computrols lifetime warranty VAVs and/or Unitary controllers. This gateway not only gives building owners and managers a means of gradually updating their facility’s BAS, but it also gives them a level of control which they likely did not have before. This makes for safer, more comfortable, energy-efficient environment.

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No matter what kind of facility you manage, safe and happy occupants, and energy savings are always among the top of your concerns.

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Mercedes Benz Superdome Case Study

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The Computrols Difference

Simply put, Computrols provides the most economical-to-own building automation solution on the market today. We empower our users by providing robust yet simple solutions that allow our customers to largely manage their building automation systems in-house.