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Our History

In the beginning...

In 1983, brothers Roy and Kevin Lynch founded Computrols when they began servicing third-party building automation systems. A complete dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction helped their business grow by word of mouth and provided valuable lessons that would carry the company for years to come. In their first several years in business, they learned that simplicity, flexibility, and power were the cornerstones of success in the building automation industry.

It was in the late 1980s when Computrols’ founders identified a need in the market for a user-friendly building automation interface. Recognizing that replacing the building automation system in its entirety would not be a cost-effective solution, Roy and Kevin ensured their software would also be powerful enough to communicate with a plethora of third-party control systems. Keep in mind that this solution was first developed well before industry standards such as BACnet had been established.

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The PC Revolution

It’s hard to imagine now, but personal computers were not part of early building automation systems. Large, cumbersome, special-purpose computers were the standard. So, in the mid-1980s, Roy Lynch embarked on a mission to bring all of the latest PC technology to the industry, and he did just that. With the addition of software engineer Mike Donlon, Lynch and the Computrols team developed a front-end computer system that delivered all of the latest technology: point-and-click mouse support, historical data archiving, graphics and more. Computrols was the first company to bring PCs to expansive building automation systems.

Taking Control

The next step in the evolution of Computrols was to produce their own line of products for HVAC control. In the early 1990s, the DDC1 and its cousins were workhorse controllers that laid the foundation for generations of controllers to come. Two-piece board design, large screw terminals, and easy addressing were just some of the features that have become mainstays of the Computrols product line.

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Today at Computrols

Quality of service is an ongoing point of pride in the Computrols culture. Technicians, managers, and engineers alike, work together to make Computrols products simple and reliable. Every team member in the company pitches in to ensure an extremely high level of quality service, reliability, and products.

Today Computrols not only offers interface solutions to a plethora of 3rd party systems but also has a complete product line of field controllers enabling us to provide turnkey solutions for our customers. As a leader in the manufacturing of intelligent controllers for smart buildings, Computrols prides itself on being the industry’s only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on all DDC controllers. Offering our own line of field controllers also enabled us to further develop our interface solutions and support additional protocols used by other manufacturers. Most importantly it provides additional solutions for our customers including Web-based controllers, wireless products, and advanced energy management techniques.

Computrols building automation systems save energy, time, and labor, thereby saving our customers money. With our exceptional service, product range, and warranty, Computrols sets the standard in the building automation industry.

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