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Serial Connector

The Computrols Serial Connector is the latest innovation from Computrols. This unique product is very flexible in terms of where it can be used, due to its compact design, it can be mounted virtually anywhere! 

The Serial Connector connects back to the building automation network through a Cat 5 or Cat 6 connection. It is powered via 24 volts AC or DC and has three RS 485 communication ports and supports per-channel licensing.

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George’s CBAS Tips, June 2022

Binary Status Summary

Last month I talked about another one of the Summaries that are available on the Text View Menu, which is now called the Text menu in CBAS20. The article was about what “Units” are and how to change Units on your Points. Then, how to use the Summary to find all points that have a particular named Unit.

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CBAS Power User: Claudio De La Cruz – Chief Engineer with Stiles, FL

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have been working in commercial high-rise buildings since 1992 at all levels of Building Engineering. I am currently the Chief Engineer at a 14-story Commercial Real-Estate Class A office building. I have worked with all types of Energy Management Systems. Honestly, the best and easiest to work with is Computrols.

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Must Read: CBAS/CBAS Web Email Alarm Changes

As you are aware Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) and our web-based interface CBAS Web feature the ability to send emails from the system. Prior to CBAS20 and CBAS Web v20 sites were able to select their own outgoing email servers (if available) or they could elect to use a free Gmail account.

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George’s CBAS Tips, April 2022

Improved BACnet Diagnostics

New BACnet Diagnostics are now available using LX host controllers with CBAS version 20 dated March 23 2022 or newer. The channel must be programmed in CBAS and it must be BACnet “On Controller”. These new Diags show controllers on the channel that haven’t even been programmed in CBAS and gives the vendor name for them. This is a great relief for setting up a new channel of third-party controllers and will save a lot of time by allowing you to probe any controller once it is found. Probing is also faster now. Another thing that has changed is the list of packets going by on the left side, which will give more information for troubleshooting. 

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George’s CBAS Tips, March 2022

Summaries Feature in the Text View Menu – Part 1

Last month I wrote about Logical Groups, a feature that resides on the Text View Menu. This month I will continue with the Text View Menu and talk about the first few “Summaries”, which can make things easier for you to see if everything in your building is operating as expected. Click Text View and you will see the menu.

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AHR 2022 Recap

AHR 2022 proved to be a very enjoyable and successful tradeshow for Computrols earlier this month. Despite attendance not reaching its pre-pandemic levels, members of the Computrols team were pleased with the turnout. “We did not know what to expect coming in given the fluctuations in COVID numbers, but we were really pleased with the quantity and quality of the people we had come by the booth,” said Business Development Manager, Jamie Hardouin.

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George’s CBAS Tips, February 2022

The Benefits of Logical Group Programming

Many people rely on Graphics View to see what is going on in their building. In addition to setting up graphic views, CBAS also has the ability to create logical groups and user-defined groups to display all of the points relating to each part of a building in a clean, organized format. It’s easy to create new groups and edit existing groups to get the information you need when you need it.

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