It’s been said that a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it…

Computrols leads the way by providing the only Lifetime Warranty on DDC controls in the industry. No other building automation company comes close to the quality and reliability we engineer into every DDC controller.

Lifetime Warranty

But when we say “Lifetime” warranty, what exactly does that mean? Just like every solution Computrols provides, we keep our warranty simple too. If we receive a non-functioning DDC controller, it is tested and the cause is diagnosed. If this testing determines the controller experienced criteria that require replacement, a brand-new DDC controller is shipped immediately at no charge to you. What if you have special firmware on your DDC controller? Computrols solves this issue by always verifying the firmware your system uses and ensuring that same firmware is installed on your brand-new replacement DDC controller. It’s a seamless process that eliminates the software issues other systems. In addition, our DDC controllers are backwards-compatible.

With our exceptional service, product range, and warranty, you’ll see why Computrols is unlike any other building automation company you have ever experienced!

What does the lifetime warranty cover?

This warranty excludes failure of a Computrols Direct Digital Controller caused by acts of God including, but not limited, to earthquakes, storms, fires, or floods. Computrols shall not be responsible for delays or failures (including any delay by Computrols to make progress in the prosecution of supplying replacement parts) if such delay arises out of causes beyond control. Such causes may include but are not restricted to, acts of God or of the public enemy, fires, floods, epidemics, riots, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, earthquakes, electrical outages, computer or communications failures, severe weather, hurricane, tornado, lightning, water damage, corrosion, war, civil insurrection, vandalism, damage caused by third parties, power failure, power surge or damage caused by the Owner’s employees or agents, and acts or omissions of subcontractors or third parties.

Life Cycle Cost of a BAS