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Distribution Partner Testimonial – John Culkin

John Culkin

C&S Building Services

John Culkin B&S Building Services

C&S Building Services
Farmingdale, NY

Video Transcript

My name is John Culkin. I am the president of C&S Building Services. We have been in business since 1997. I have been a dealer with Computrols since 2002. I first became aware of Computrols when I won a contract to operate the HVAC systems, controls systems, all the maintenance work at Ellis Island.

When I arrived at Ellis Island, Computrols was the control system that was installed. There was some air handling units that weren’t sequencing the way that I thought they should and I rewrote code on a Computrols control system on the very first day I ever saw it without ever speaking to anyone in the factory. I was intrigued by that and wanted to find out who developed this thing and I had never seen anything like it. I had installed a number of competitor systems. I had commissioned a lot of competitor systems but to be able to rewrite someone’s code without ever speaking to anybody.

As a result of that, I wound up being introduced to and meeting Roy Lynch and finding out that was actually his intention. He was attempting to give controls systems back to the owners. You are not reliant on some guy who decides he wants to rule over you and it was refreshing especially from my background.

So we became a dealer in 2002. We have installed it in a number of terrific places. The hardware has a lifetime warranty for a reason. You almost never have to send a controller back. I mean almost never.  The software is almost as easy to use. It is absolutely brilliant.

The Path to Becoming a Partner

Rather than charging our distribution partners an arbitrary fee to represent our brand, Computrols simply requires an initial purchase of a bundle of products and training. The hardware and software included in the bundle can be used in your own facility, implemented in your first project, or leveraged in a sales setting.

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