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Distribution Partner Testimonial – Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers

F.E. Moran Mechanical Services, IL

Tom Rogers

F.E. Moran Mechanical Services
Greater Chicago Area

Video Transcript

My name is Tom Rogers. I work for F.E. Moran Mechanical Services in the Building Automation Division.

What has your experience been since becoming a Computrols Distribution Partner?

They’ve been great. Being in this so many years and dealing with different products, they are one of the best, as far as answering your questions and getting back to you. I have sent emails out at 1:00 in the morning just thinking, well they will get back to me eventually and Mike Clayton has been great. He actually got back with me within 10 minutes. Being I don’t sleep that well, it’s probably the best thing for me that people get back to me like they do.

So, they have been great like that and I have never seen a group of guys be so into a company they work for. They really enjoy what they do and they really care; which makes me care even more and want to stick with them for as long as I can. They have so many guys that can take care of you. That is what is so surprising about them. They really take it personal and anything I have a problem with they will try and work it out right away. I have never had a company do that ever. That is what makes it great for the future.

CSI I/NET Integration Testimonial

I worked in the industry for about 24 years, and I put in INET for almost all those years. I worked for Schneider Electric putting in INET. I knew INET was going away so I went shopping, looking for a product that would interface directly to INET. I found two to three other products and found out this one was the best. The other products that are out there are just interfaces. It’s a simple interface. It doesn’t work real seamlessly. It’s complicated, clumsy, and it just doesn’t work correctly. I have seen a couple of them. This is the only one that I found that could do the trick, actually work and keep my customers happy. I have many customers that love INET and they know it’s going away, so this was the best fix for them.

One of the things I really like about it is that you can run it simultaneously on the network. What that means is you can have INET still running on your system and you could then put CBAS which is Computrols Building Automation System on the same network. That is very unique. Most companies cannot do that. Most you have to take out the one system, put their interface in, and then you can’t go backwards. With them, you can stay running both systems simultaneously until you make the decision to completely get off of INET.

CSI I NET Interface

The Path to Becoming a Partner

Rather than charging our distribution partners an arbitrary fee to represent our brand, Computrols simply requires an initial purchase of a bundle of products and training. The hardware and software included in the bundle can be used in your own facility, implemented in your first project, or leveraged in a sales setting.

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