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Teletrol BAS Integration

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Legacy Teletrol HVAC Controls Integration

Computrols research and development team has added the legacy TSC protocol to our new LX Controllers. This means we can remove your Teletrol Integrator and Telesys Network Repeater and replace them with a Computrols’ LX while utilizing the existing network to communicate to the legacy VAVs. The result is improved HVAC control through our simple-to-use Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) and a bridge to slowly migrate your legacy DDC system to an updated, lifetime warranty Computrols system.

New Teletrol HVAC Controls Integration

For those of you with a newer Teletrol HVAC control system, Computrols is able to communicate to these controllers via BACnet. This means that if you are looking for a more intuitive system, we can utilize your existing infrastructure while providing CBAS as your front-end software.

Teletrol Integration Case Studies

400 Oceangate
400 Oceangate
400 Oceangate
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HVAC Controls Integration, Teletrols