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400 Oceangate

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HVAC Controls Integration


Long Beach, CA, 90802



Building Type:

Class A office building



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For years, the property management team was struggling to control the building’s HVAC system which was outfitted with a Teletrol BAS that was over 30 years old. A multitude of vendors were brought in by property management in order to assess and strategize the best path forward. It seemed the only option they had was to rip out the entire system and start from scratch which would cost ownership hundreds of thousands, if not over a million dollars.


After being educated on Computrols unique ability to develop custom integrations to proprietary systems, a site assessment was scheduled to determine what solutions may be feasible.

Although Computrols had not previously integrated with this particular generation of Teletrol system in the past, the team was confident that it was well within their capabilities.

Computrols came back with a solution to build the Teletrol protocol known as “TSC” into Computrols LX controllers. This would allow Computrols technicians to replace the head end computer with the latest version of Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) and communicate to the existing VAV controllers by way of the LX. Due to the intuitive nature of CBAS, the facilities team is able to control their entire system through CBAS without the need for an ongoing service contract.

Given that the existing Teletrol VAVs would be extremely difficult to replace, Computrols also engineered the TSC protocol to be leveraged in our lifetime warranty VAV controllers. This has given the property management team a gateway to replacing the antiquated controllers as they fail or tenant improvement projects occur. Computrols even trained the in-house staff on how to install the new VAV controllers on the existing communication trunk and add the equipment to the system themselves.


Today, the facilities staff at 400 Oceangate has complete control over their BAS and a means of maintaining the system going forward. They have even begun to see a reduction in energy usage as a result of their new control system.