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Where is the ROI in BAS?

As a property management professional, you are constantly looking to justify any and all investments you make for your facility. In many cases, this calculation is very simple.

Take for instance a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). When you hook up a VFD to your facility’s HVAC equipment, you can put a meter on that piece of equipment to see how much energy it is consuming compared to how much it was consuming before.

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Plug Smart Partnership


Computrols | Building Automation Systems | HVAC Controllers | Distribution PartnerBuilding automation system manufacturer, Computrols, has added a new distribution partner in Columbus, OH and the Central and South Florida markets. Their new running mate, Plug Smart was formed in 2008 as a customer-centric, comprehensive energy services company.

Beyond their energy efficiency expertise, Plug Smart’s financial team has been very successful at helping to create self-funding opportunities with the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs. Continue reading Plug Smart Partnership


Investing in a Building Automation System

In the January/February 2008 edition of Facilities Manager Magazine, there was a featured article titled, “Pay Now or Pay Forever: The Design of Control System Software”. This article was recently brought to our attention by one of the original author’s LinkedIn posts which outlined the fact that not much has changed in the BAS industry over the last 10 years. At Computrols, we couldn’t agree more. Below, you will find some of the most profound quotes from this article and Computrols’ approach to remedying these issues. Continue reading Investing in a Building Automation System

Why Building Automation Should Matter to the CFO

CFOs, Building Automation and the Search for Lower Utility Costs

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of the total energy usage in a residential home? According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) the exact number is 48%, and although you may not know the precise extent of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) energy usage, I’m sure you are cognizant of your monthly energy bill.

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Things You Don’t Go Cheap On

There are certain things in life that you should not, under any circumstances, go cheap on. Some of the items that make this list might include a mattress, car, shoes, toilet paper, tattoos, and plastic surgery. Granted, everyone is different and will prioritize these decisions according to what is most important to them, but why is it that we refuse to compromise on the quality of these specific items? Continue reading Things You Don’t Go Cheap On

Why Facility Managers Cannot Afford to Ignore New BAS Technology

A Foundation for Technology Growth

Gordon MooreIn 1965, Gordon Moore was asked to predict the future of the semiconductor components industry by Electronics Magazine. As the Director of R&D for Fairchild Semiconductor at the time, Moore surmised that the number of transistors per square inch on a densely integrated circuit would double every year. In layman’s terms, Moore predicted that computing power would increase exponentially while components would shrink without sacrificing performance or functionality. This insight became known as Moore’s Law, and it’s laid the groundwork for countless innovations in computer science and, more broadly, modern technology. Continue reading Why Facility Managers Cannot Afford to Ignore New BAS Technology