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Celebrated annually on the first Friday in October, Manufacturing Day is meant to show the public what modern manufacturing looks like and what a career in the manufacturing industry might encompass. Although the majority of manufacturing now happens overseas, there are still many companies that manufacture here in the USA, including Computrols.

Why manufacture in the United States?

Computrols began manufacturing its direct digital controllers (DDC) in the early 90s as a means of providing a higher quality solution than its competitors. Where most controls manufacturers obsolete their products every 5 to 10 years, everything Computrols manufactures comes with a true lifetime warranty. With such a guarantee, quality assurance could not be left to factories offshore.

We also make incremental improvements to our products every chance we get. Where our competitors likely create orders of thousands or even millions of controllers at a time, Computrols creates its products in smaller batches. This allows us to improve upon them in each iteration if necessary while still having ample inventory.

Speaking of inventory, one challenge we are seeing throughout a number of industries right now is a worldwide chip shortage. Due to the pandemic and complications in the supply chain, we don’t expect this problem to be resolved until later next year or possibly even later. Given that some of the main issues causing this are simple shipping logistics, perhaps we’ll see more semiconductor manufacturers move their operations back to the U.S.?

See it for yourself!

At Computrols, we are very proud to be a U.S.-based building automation system manufacturer. If you have a group that would be interested in touring our headquarters and plant in Gretna, LA, simply call our headquarters or email us at

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