Computrols designs, manufactures, and services state of the art building automation systems throughout North America. For over 30 years, Computrols has been a leader in the building automation industry, leveraging its intuitive software and hardware and the industry’s only lifetime warranty on everything the company manufactures.</p> <p>Computrols direct digital controllers are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA and support a number of open and proprietary protocols, allowing for direct interfacing to third-party equipment. Today, Computrols solutions encompass HVAC control, lighting control, access control, and fire alarm, all of which can be managed from Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS).</p> <p>The company’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located just outside of New Orleans, LA. The company also has branch offices in California, Texas, Washington D.C., and Florida as well as a distribution partner network that spans much of U.S. and several international locations.
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Building Automation Systems Made Simple

We believe facility managers should be able to control their own building automation systems. Not the other way around.

That is why we offer our customers an intuitive user interface and the industry’s only lifetime warranty on DDC controls.

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CBAS Mechanical Controls

Building Automation Systems Made Simple

We offer facility managers an intuitive user interface and the industry’s only lifetime warranty on DDC controls. Take control of your facility today.

Integration Solutions

CBASComputrols products are able to natively communicate with the open protocols of our industry and with many of our competitors’ proprietary protocols. In some cases, competing manufacturers may no longer support their legacy products, but Computrols integrated solutions allow our customers to leverage their existing infrastructure. This is typically a much more economically feasible option. Computrols has successfully provided integration solutions to the following protocols and manufacturers’ products.

Barber-ColmanJohnson ControlsCSIBACnetTeletrolModbus

The third party and OEM trademarks and servicemarks shown above are the property of other entities, and use of those marks is not authorized by, sponsored by, or associated with the owners of those marks, nor is Computrols associated or affiliated with those entities in any way.

Lifetime Warranty DDC Controls

Computrols backs everything we manufacture with a lifetime warranty. That’s right, if our controllers fail, we will repair or replace them at no cost to our customers. This also means we do not obsolete any of our products; rather, we build forward and backward compatibility into every product that we manufacture. As technology progresses, Computrols develops new products, but always in the same form factor, making upgrading a simple, seamless process. Computrols also buys back dated controllers when our partners upgrade to the latest generation.

Life Cycle Cost Comparison


$0 Maintenance Contract
Although Computrols provides maintenance contracts upon our customer's request, they are not required or necessary in many cases. Computrols user interface was built for facility managers to operate themselves. Computrols also provides free 24/7 remote support.
$0 Replace Controllers
With Computrols' lifetime warranty, our customers are never forced to pay for an upgrade. If they choose to upgrade to the latest technology Computrols will even buy back their old controllers.
$0 Overtime tenant billing
Instead of charging an ongoing fee for the hosting of our software, our customers own their web server and have no recurring costs for using the platform.

$0/yr in ongoing expenses


$60,000 per year average maintenance contract
$10,000 per year to replace failed controllers
$12,000 per year overtime tenant billing (SaaS)

$82,000/yr in ongoing expenses

Life Cycle Cost Ebook

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Distribution Partner Opportunities

Distribution Partner Opportunities

In conjunction with our branch offices, Computrols also services our clients through a distribution partner network that spans much of the U.S. and select international locations. All of Computrols' Distribution Partners have been extensively trained in our solutions and have the full support of Computrols Corporate Office.

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"Our Computrols Building Automation system empowers Touro’s engineering staff to deliver a reliably comfortable environment while reducing energy costs."
Don Gaspard - Touro Infirmary

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