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What is Optimal Start/Stop and How Does it Work?

Optimal Start/Stop is used to anticipate the heating or cooling needs of a space by starting equipment early enough to reach setpoint just at the beginning of scheduled occupancy. The Optimal Start/Stop function in CBAS does this by calculating the difference between the actual temperature and the occupied temperature setpoint. Based on a heating or cooling slope, the unit is started early enough to bring the space temperature to the desired level. Continue reading What is Optimal Start/Stop and How Does it Work?


Why Facility Managers Cannot Afford to Ignore New BAS Technology

A Foundation for Technology Growth

Gordon MooreIn 1965, Gordon Moore was asked to predict the future of the semiconductor components industry by Electronics Magazine. As the Director of R&D for Fairchild Semiconductor at the time, Moore surmised that the number of transistors per square inch on a densely integrated circuit would double every year. In layman’s terms, Moore predicted that computing power would increase exponentially while components would shrink without sacrificing performance or functionality. This insight became known as Moore’s Law, and it’s laid the groundwork for countless innovations in computer science and, more broadly, modern technology. Continue reading Why Facility Managers Cannot Afford to Ignore New BAS Technology


Computrols 2017 Awards and 2018 Presentations


Computrols Awards Season

2018 has started off with a bang for Computrols. In January, the company was named to the inaugural class of UNO25, and CEO, Drew Mire, received the Young Guns Award at the Control Trends Awards.

UNO25 AwardControl Trends Young Guns Award


Computrols CEO, Drew Mire, and Owner/Director of Research and Development, Mike Donlon earned the company a spot in the first-ever class of UNO25, both having graduated from the University of New Orleans. Mire graduated from UNO in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in business management, while Donlon earned both a bachelors and masters from the university. UNO25 recognized and celebrated Computrols as one of the top UNO-led or UNO-owned businesses. Continue reading Computrols 2017 Awards and 2018 Presentations


HVAC Controls Integration: One Post Office Square – Boston, MA

One Post Office Square
Solarapex at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Computrols Distribution Partner, Dynamic Energy Controls, recently completed another large take over in an integration project at One Post Office Square in Boston, MA. This building is managed by JLL. At 525 feet, 41 stories tall and 832,000 square feet, this skyscraper is one of the tallest in the Boston skyline. With the help of their new Computrols Building Automation System, it may also become one of the most energy efficient. The building is currently Energy Star Certified and LEED Gold.

When Dynamic Energy Controls’ Chris Kelliher was brought into the picture, One Post Office Square was outfitted with an aging Johnson Controls system including DX9100s, UNTs, AHUs, XTs, NAEs, NCEs, and NCM350s. The facility’s staff found the JCI user interface Continue reading HVAC Controls Integration: One Post Office Square – Boston, MA