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What is Optimal Start/Stop and How Does it Work?


Optimal Start/Stop is used to anticipate the heating or cooling needs of a space by starting equipment early enough to reach setpoint just at the beginning of scheduled occupancy. The Optimal Start/Stop function in CBAS does this by calculating the difference between the actual temperature and the occupied temperature setpoint. Based on a heating or cooling slope, the unit is started early enough to bring the space temperature to the desired level.
By doing this, you avoid putting a heavy load on the equipment that would normally occur by starting right at the occupied time and playing catch-up. Under extreme conditions, playing catch-up could mean running at full capacity for several hours before reaching setpoint.
CBAS will also allow building management to monitor, schedule, and adjust the unit settings as needed. Optimal Start/Stop will be implemented at the completion of the project. At this point the system will begin working to achieve optimal start and stop times each day. This process can take up to 30 days to achieve maximum optimization and continues to improve over time.

How to program Optimal Start/Stop in CBAS

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