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Computrols’ list of clients is extensive. Here are just a few of the types of facilities we help:


Computrols Case StudiesNo matter what kind of facility you manage, happy tenants and energy savings are always among the top of your concerns. Have a look at our case studies to see how Computrols helped our customers create safe, comfortable, and energy efficient environments.

Office Towers & Office Parks

Office Towers & Office ParksHigh-rise office towers and office parks make up the largest sector of Computrols’ clientele. With multi-tenant features like tenant-accessible, web-based overtime air scheduling, parking garage, and tenant-space access control, Computrols systems provide a complete solution for every aspect of office building control and automation.


Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals & HealthcareComputrols delivers specific automation features required by hospitals and specialized medical research facilities. Joint Commission compliance and reporting, advanced pressure and humidity control, as well as medical gas monitoring, are all given special focus by our healthcare development and support specialists.


Military Bases & Government Facilities

Military Bases & Government FacilitiesComputrols’ relationship with military bases dates back to the 1980’s. Not only are we experienced with the security and procurement requirements of large government facilities, we back this up with a system that is powerful enough to automate and control the wide array of buildings and systems found on these bases.


University Campuses & Schools

Universities & SchoolsUniversities are often comprised of a diverse assortment of buildings and systems. Third party interfaces, internet protocol controllers and flexible room scheduling are just a few of the features that make Computrols building automation systems excel in university applications.


Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & HospitalityHotels’ requirements from a BAS combine those of typical office space with those of residential home automation. Individual room controls offer guests greater flexibility, while central monitoring and control provide energy savings and service. CBAS offers specialized hotel features while leveraging the technologies that make it so powerful in other facilities.



EntertainmentEntertainment complexes like stadiums, sports arenas, casinos and convention centers are ideal candidates for the power, control, and energy saving capabilities of Computrols building automation systems. Features like lighting scene control, integrated live camera video, and optimal equipment start are just a few of the offerings that set Computrols apart in these specialized facilities.


Data Centers

Data CentersData centers now account for over 3 percent of U.S. electricity consumption. As cloud technology continues to grow, so will the number of data centers. As a result, data center managers are driven to reduce energy consumption while maintaining tight control of computer temperatures and strict security measures. Features like remotely-configurable, rack-mount CBAS Servers, computer rack access control, and redundant servers make CBAS the perfect solution for data centers.


Retail Chains

Retail ChainsWhen left to individual store managers, the control of HVAC and Lighting systems for small stores is almost no control at all. CBAS leverages the native Internet Protocol on our controllers to treat a chain of stores as a single, centrally monitored and controlled facility.


Industrial Facilities

Industrial FacilitiesWith features like a lifetime warranty, high-accuracy Analog Inputs, sophisticated PID Loop Control, and customizable If/Then Logic, CBAS offers a great alternative to high-priced Industrial Automation systems. Chemical Plants, Manufacturing Facilities and Factories around the world enjoy the power and flexibility of Computrols Building Automation System.

Customer TestimonialsComputrols is focused on customer service. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our clients have to say about our work. Watch our customer testimonials and give us a call at 504.529.1413 to find out what we can do for you.