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Lifetime Warranty HVAC Controls Testimonial

Ed Vallejo

Methodist Health Systems
San Antonio, TX

I’m Ed Vallejo, and I run and maintain building automation systems for Methodist Health Systems at the Health Science Center. We do everything from maintain individual rooms to ORs to general waiting areas to ensure that our customers and patients are always at ease and comfortable in their environment and that the physicians have the environment that they feel necessary to do their surgery and conduct their business.

I’ve been in the building automation controls, working in this area for a long time. More than what I would like to admit. In doing so, I have dealt with every manufacturer, just about, that is still in existence or that’s already merged. I’ve dealt with Johnson, dealt with Honeywell, dealt with Andover, I’ve dealt with Siemens…Trane. And a lot of them I can’t even remember the names of.

(Computrols) Building automation system controllers all carry a lifetime warranty which is very advantageous when you’re taking care of a system that is running about 40,000 points. That means that you have several hundred controllers in the building, from large air handler controllers down to small VAV controllers. Being able to make a phone call and have one be shipped to you overnight or general ground is really a godsend whenever you are running a hospital.

Because of this support and warranty, we deemed it necessary to take a brand new Johnson automation system out of a building that is less than a year old, which is actually still on warranty but gave us so many problems that we deemed it necessary to do it because it was costing more in labor then it would have been to leave the building alone and let it run through its warranty.

Computrols building automation system has made everything very easy in the hospital environment.

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