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New Feature in CBAS 15


Did you know that CBAS 15 offers a new lead/lag feature?

The concepts of Lead and Lag are simple and can save you significant wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. Computrols’ CBAS 15 software now allows users to easily create Lead-Lag schedules or logic, depending on preference.
In HVAC applications, the Lead-Lag approach ensures engineers are not overusing one piece of equipment to heat or cool the building by alternating which one starts first (the Lead). For example, if you have two chillers dedicated to the building, you may want to alternate which one starts first on a daily or weekly basis to avoid placing undue stress on a single chiller.
Previously, CBAS users were able to make these changes manually through the Sequencer Editor, which could be cumbersome. As our team is always looking to simplify our solutions, we have created a feature that allows users to easily schedule when a given piece of equipment should be the Lead (the first to start) and when it should be the Lag (2nd or beyond). Users have the option to schedule this by date (i.e. alternating days, weeks, etc.) or by logic, using runtime as the defining metric. Computrols Lead-Lag feature also recognizes when a piece of equipment fails and moves it into the Lag position.
To learn more about this new feature and other ways Computrols can simplify your building automation system, please contact your Computrols sales representative at 504-529-1413.

Automate Newsletter, July 2016This story appears in the July 2016 issue of Automate, the Computrols newsletter.

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