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The Computrols Serial Connector is the latest innovation from Computrols. This unique product is very flexible in terms of where it can be used, due to its compact design, it can be mounted virtually anywhere! 

The Serial Connector connects back to the building automation network through a Cat 5 or Cat 6 connection. It is powered via 24 volts AC or DC and has three RS 485 communication ports and supports per-channel licensing.

Serial Connector
I would argue that this is the world’s most flexible and simplistic integration device that the building automation industry has ever seen. The best part about the Serial Connector is; it takes 38 years of Computrols innovations and puts it in a four-square box to give system integrators the most flexibility they’ve ever seen.
Drew Mire
Drew Mire
Computrols CEO

Like the flagship Computrols LX controller, the RS-485 communication ports are agnostic, meaning the host communication channel can be configured to communicate a certain protocol, the secondary communication channel can be configured to communicate an independent communication protocol, and the tertiary channel can be configured to communicate a third independent communication protocol.

There are two ways that the data can be routed back to the building automation system. Either through a BACnet IP connection or through Computrols BASnet communication protocol. This makes the Serial Connector a very unique product when it comes to integrating with third-party proprietary systems.

For example, any proprietary RS-485 communication protocol that Computrols supports can be hosted by the Serial Connector and then routed back to the building automation network over BACnet IP. As a result, the Serial Connector is very powerful in integrating to legacy proprietary devices and also supports the open communication protocols of our industry such as Modbus and BACnet. In addition, it supports Computrols BASnet communication protocol.

In summary, the Serial Connector is very flexible in terms of its communication capabilities, where it can be installed, and what data it can bring into your building automation system or expose to another system via BACnet, giving building owners a migration path forward from the cumbersome and proprietary systems that plague our industry.

As with all Computrols products, the Serial Connector is designed and manufactured here at our headquarters in the United States, just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Latest: The Serial Connector is currently undergoing BTL certification testing.

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