The Core Connector

The Core of Your Wireless Network

As part of our new Sense, Connect, Control wireless philosophy, we’re changing things for the better. Here we introduce the concept of a “Connector”: a small and flexible device that puts networking and protocol interfacing exactly where you need it. Mount the Core Connector on a 4″ square box, on a wall, inside or outside of an existing enclosure. The Core Connector connects anything to anything, anywhere … wired or wireless.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

BLE is an emerging IoT technology that is not only fast and secure, but also consumes very little energy. Designed for the next generation of battery-operated sensors operating at the edge, BLE represents the best standard of its kind. As part of our new Sense, Connect, Control wireless philosophy, we’ve selected BLE as the technology behind all of our new Sensor products. That’s why the Core Connector has BLE on-board! In any general location where Computrols wireless battery-operated Sensors have been installed, use a Core Connector to pull your Sensor data into the building automation network.

High Speed WiFi

For locally-powered wireless networking, nothing comes close to WiFi. As ubiquitous in modern buildings as indoor plumbing, the new Core Connector leverages WiFi as the high-speed wireless on-ramp to the building automation network. Our new line of wireless Controllers has the option to utilize existing WiFi, but going WiFi with a Core Connector adds a ton of value. With it you can create your own private WiFi, monitor, control and program your network through CBAS—even host 3rd party protocol interfaces from the same device.

Power AND Ethernet

PoE is fast becoming an industry standard for today’s forward-thinking facilities. Although you can power the Core Connector with 24V AC or DC, why would you? Lose the transformer, cut the copper in half, run your Ethernet, single-click and go. PoE is the perfect solution for floor network coverage.

RS-485 Serial Connection

Sure we packed the Core Connector with the latest communication tech (WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy and PoE), but we haven’t forgotten about the thousands of BAS devices you already own. The Core Connector’s RS-485 port serves as a general purpose interface to all the things in your facility today: Variable Frequency Drives, VAV controllers and chiller controls. Whether they talk BACnet, Modbus, N2, FLN, or any one of dozens of Computrols protocols interfaces, Connect with Core Connector, Control with CBAS.

Mobile App Configuration

As with all Computrols’ new wireless products, a single button press on the Core Connector reveals all of its options right on your smartphone. One touch configuration pulls up Core Connector options, providing the easiest networking setup to date.