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Computrols Doubles Down on American Manufacturing During Made in America Week

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This week, America celebrates “Made in America Week” from July 23rd through July 29th, 2023. “During Made in America Week, we celebrate the workers, unions, and innovators who power our Nation’s prosperity and make it possible for America to once again lead the world in manufacturing.” Computrols has and continues to believe that American Manufacturing provides unmatched quality and is proud to see a week dedicated to organizations like ours that choose American Manufacturing.

As a part of our continued commitment to American Manufacturing, Computrols is reinvesting in our Gretna manufacturing plant with the purchase of several new pieces of equipment for our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line. The new equipment features the latest available technology in electronic manufacturing and is slated to replace existing equipment. While outsourcing manufacturing is a common practice, Computrols has never considered this as a viable option. Although there are significant cost benefits associated with offshoring manufacturing, the loss of quality control and creating jobs elsewhere outweigh those cost savings. Our control of the manufacturing process from initial design to finished good testing is done in-house and enables us to guarantee that our customers and partners consistently get delivered the best quality products that the Building Automation industry has to offer. As
advocates of American Manufacturing we embrace “Made in America” week and are hopeful that the week builds awareness around the importance of American Manufacturing.

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