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Computrols AI Generated Video


Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as Chat GPT have generated a lot of buzz recently. While these tools are impressive they are only scratching the surface of the capabilities this powerful and evolving technology has to offer. I see the tools that were recently introduced to the mainstream as glorified search engines. This description is not intended to downplay the technology rather an attempt to call it what it is. These tools primarily take user inputs/commands/directions and makes use of the world’s largest database, the internet, to produce an output. For instance, I generated the video below in less than 5 minutes by searching Google for, “AI Video Generator.” Among the list of results was a company named Kapwing. I selected this site then entered “Computrols” in the field labeled, “Create a video about…” You can view the AI generated video below:

I must admit that it is rather amazing that this video was generated in less than a minute after being provided a single word, “Computrols” as the input. Certainly it is helpful that a plethora of content is available on the internet for our company. Once again this is only scratching the surface of what can and will be done through the use of Artificial Intelligence technology. My colleague, Mike Donlon covered the topic of Machine Learning in Building Automation at the 2016 BOMA Conference. A recording of that presentation can be accessed below and covers how you may expect Artificial Intelligence to impact Building Automation Systems.

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