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Mike Clayton

 Protecting Yourself from Phishing Attacks

Email scams such as Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) continue to be a persistent threat affecting almost all aspects of our personal and business lives. Phishing is a scam where someone will use various techniques to have you reveal personal/confidential information such as login credentials or banking information that can then be

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Ramon Torres

Power, Energy and some CBAS metrics on Efficiency

by Ramon Torres Electricity can be measured in different ways. One way is when it is measured as “Power”. As you may already know, power is the instant amount of energy that is being consumed by equipment or by a facility. Conversely, electrical “Energy” on the other hand, is a

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BAS Education
Computrols Staff

Trim and Response for Supply Pressure

 by Andrew Walton Static Air Pressure (SAP) “Trim and response” is a way of controlling static air pressure (SAP) within a building’s HVAC system. SAP is one of the most important factors in HVAC design. SAP refers to the resistance to airflow in a heating and cooling system’s components and

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Scott Holstein

Computrols Webinar: CSI – I/NET Integration

Webinar transcript [00:00:15.270] – Scott Holstein Hi everybody Scott Holstein here with Computrols, welcome to our I/NET integration webinar. [00:00:21.340] For those of you who are familiar with I/NET, you know that I/NET has been around a very long time and most people have a very high opinion of their

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The Computrols Difference

Simply put, Computrols provides the most economical-to-own building automation solution on the market today. We empower our users by providing robust yet simple solutions that allow our customers to largely manage their building automation systems in-house.

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