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4000 MacArthur

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HVAC Controls Integration


Newport Beach, CA





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Despite having a maintenance contract with their building automation service partner, the property management team at 4000 MacArthur was frustrated with the lack of control they had over their system and the subsequent inefficient operations of their HVAC equipment. Providing a comfortable working environment had become a daily challenge due to the lack of information provided by the existing Siemens system. As a result, building engineers were receiving between 20 and 30 hot/cold calls per day from tenants.


The property management team was looking for an alternative solution when they found Computrols. Rather than replacing the system in its entirety as other service providers had suggested, Computrols integrated with the existing Siemens system utilizing its X-line controllers and flagship Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS). Computrols ability to natively communicate Siemens proprietary floor-level-network (FLN) protocol allowed the property to leverage much of its existing infrastructure while giving them an intuitive user interface from which to manage the system.

The Computrols installation team worked closely with the on-site engineering team, came to the building early, and stayed late to better understand the facility’s operations. CBAS’ ability to record histories on all points at all times gave the building staff unprecedented visibility of the system, allowing them to identify inefficiencies as they recommissioned the system.


Even before the system was completely installed, the property’s engineering team saw savings based on control strategies implemented by the Computrols team. They also saw their hot and cold calls practically eliminated. With a 25% energy reduction year over year, the payback period for this investment was less than 3 months based on energy savings alone. In the first year, the property saw a 10X ROI on the project.

Today, the facilities team at 4000 MacArthur operates this system in-house, while also utilizing Computrols free remote tech support. Empowered by the simplicity of CBAS and visibility of its data points, they have continued to optimize the property’s sequence of operations.