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AHR 2022 proved to be a very enjoyable and successful tradeshow for Computrols earlier this month. Despite attendance not reaching its pre-pandemic levels, members of the Computrols team were pleased with the turnout. “We did not know what to expect coming in given the fluctuations in COVID numbers, but we were really pleased with the quantity and quality of the people we had come by the booth,” said Business Development Manager, Jamie Hardouin.

Watch our booth assembly timelapse video below.

The Computrols booth displayed an array of products but none more popular than the recently BTL-Listed LX and the soon-to-be-released Serial Connector. Computrols CEO Drew Mire added, “we’ve been known for our integration solutions for over 3 decades, and we are excited to continue to innovate on this front to provide customers a viable pathway from old, proprietary systems.”

AHR 2023 is set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia from February 6th to the 8th, and you can expect to see Computrols there!

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