The Serial Connector

The Ultimate in Flexibility

The Serial Connector comes in a 4″x 4” square box allowing for easy mounting on a wall or inside or outside of an existing enclosure. This compact device is ideal for connecting legacy devices using proprietary protocols to a more modern BAS. 

Power AND Ethernet

PoE is fast becoming an industry standard for today’s forward-thinking facilities. Although you can power the Serial Connector with 24V AC or DC, why would you? Lose the transformer, cut the copper in half, run your Ethernet, single-click and go. PoE is the perfect solution for floor network coverage.

RS-485 Serial Connection

The 3 Serial Connector’s RS-485 ports serve as a general-purpose interface to all the things in your facility today: Variable Frequency Drives, VAV controllers, and chiller controls. Whether they talk BACnet, Modbus, N2, FLN, BLN, or any one of dozens of Computrols protocols interfaces, Connect them with the Serial Connector and Control them with CBAS.

Mobile App Configuration

A single button press on the Serial Connector reveals all of its options right on your smartphone. One-touch configuration pulls up Serial Connector options, providing the easiest networking setup to date.