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Gerard Vitrano

Omni Royal Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Hello, my name is Gerard Vitrano…I am the Director of Engineering at the Omni Royal Orleans in New Orleans. Computrols is the conversation. I have been dealing with Computrols over the past 10 years.

One of the big assets with Computrols is you can dial in from home and see your system. They don’t sell you to come out and say I got to be out there to do it. They let you do it yourself and to me in the past that has been the biggest help. They have a gentleman that I deal with on a helpline is George, very good at what he does. He communicates with us and whatever we don’t know we figure it out and get it done and it is really at no charge.

If you need the help on the property, they are willing to come out and help you and assist you in any way possible. If you want them in the middle of the night or whatever, they will come out and do it.

The Path to Becoming a Partner

Rather than charging our distribution partners an arbitrary fee to represent our brand, Computrols simply requires an initial purchase of a bundle of products and training. The hardware and software included in the bundle can be used in your own facility, implemented in your first project, or leveraged in a sales setting.

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