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Must Read: CBAS/CBAS Web Email Alarm Changes

As you are aware Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) and our web-based interface CBAS Web feature the ability to send emails from the system. Prior to CBAS20 and CBAS Web v20 sites were able to select their own outgoing email servers (if available) or they could elect to use a free Gmail account.

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CBAS Web Update

Security vulnerabilities in Computrols’ CBAS Web were recently identified and patches for these vulnerabilities have been rolled into the latest release of the CBAS Web software. The Computrols team worked rapidly to patch the affected sites and address these vulnerabilities. As usual, customer security and satisfaction are our top priorities. If your site has been patched, you should have been notified by a member of the Computrols team. If you are unsure if your site has been patched, please contact your Computrols representative or call 504-529-1413 to speak with our tech support team.