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George’s CBAS Tips October 2020


How to switch between Dark and Classic themes in CBAS 20

CBAS 20, features several user interface refinements and customization options, one of which is a completely redesigned Dark Theme option.  


The CBAS 20 installer program selects Dark Theme by default, but you can easily toggle between Dark Theme and the Classic theme as desired by following the steps below.

To make this change you need to be in either Real Mode or Editor Mode. Navigate to System, then Configure Workstation. Here you can toggle the checkbox to enable or disable CBAS Dark Theme.

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After you make your selection, right-click to exit the Configure Workstation screen.

A pop-up will ask if you have Administrator rights for Windows. Click Yes, or No/Cancel if you change your mind.

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The next pop-up will say to “Close CBAS to change color.” Click OK, then close CBAS. 

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IMPORTANT: Once you close CBAS, wait for the “SUCCESS” message to appear before restarting CBAS.

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You can now restart CBAS in the newly selected theme.

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