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From Electrical Helper to CEO


Drew Mire, Computrols CEOYou always hear about how hard work will eventually pay off, but in the case of Computrols CEO, Drew Mire, it really did.
Mire started his career at Computrols eight years ago as an Electrical Helper. His duties included running wire, bending conduit, wiring VAV boxes, among a number of other tasks given to him by senior level technicians. During this time, he was also pursuing his degree from the University of New Orleans with a full-time course load.

With his father’s background as an electrician and Mire’s ambition, he was a quick study and was soon promoted to Technician. At this point in his career, he decided to start working full-time and to complete his degree on a part-time basis.
As a field technician for Computrols’ control systems (HVAC, lighting, access control, and fire alarm systems), Drew got first-hand experience with Computrols’ products and dealing with customers. “Technicians are the heartbeat of our organization,” said Mire. “They are the ones on the front lines every day, and they are a major part of how Computrols gained the sterling reputation it has today.”
Drew was a tireless worker and enormous advocate of customer satisfaction in this role. Before he left a job each day, he would ask the chief engineer or manager on staff, “how was my service today?” If he received anything but an overwhelmingly positive response, he took it to heart. After about a year in this position, Drew was promoted again to a project management role.
This new role allowed him to leverage his hands-on skills as a technician and his excellent customer service background as he acted as the main point of contact for clients. Mire flourished in this position for two years, managing technicians and contractors and training new clients on Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS).
At this point, an opportunity for a Branch Manager role came up at the company’s Central Florida location. Mire jumped at the offer and made the most of it. He did everything from installations to new business development, landing many accounts that Computrols still has to this day.
After a year developing the Central Florida branch, Mire was called back to company headquarters to fill the role of Operations Assistant. It was in the position where he refined his process improvement and business development skills. While helping run the day to day operations from manufacturing to accounting, Mire was also an integral part of bringing in new business for the growing company. He regularly attended trade shows, took part in sales presentations, and networked at industry events.
At this point, Mire had proven himself a valuable asset in a number of capacities. He was a skilled technician with a knack for customer service and a nose for sales.
While successfully executing his position as Operations Assistant, the position of VP of Operations came open and there was only one obvious choice. Although Mire was still a relatively young professional, he had proven himself up to the task in every challenge he had been given, including graduating with a degree in Business Management while working full-time.
As VP of Operations, Drew was the head of all day to day activities including manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, marketing, and accounting. He also became more involved in the company’s long-term goals and vision. In his two years in this role, he grew the number of branches and distribution partners, helped the company expand into international markets, and secured Computrols’ foothold as a leader in the building automation industry.
Most recently, Drew was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Computrols in February 2017. Having experience from the bottom up has given him a unique perspective that few CEOs have in today’s world. He is now intimately involved in setting the strategy and direction of Computrols as well as the culture and values of the growing organization. Mire said, “I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this great company and have the opportunity to guide our team through a very bright future.”

cover 2017.03 thumbThis story appears in the March 2017 issue of Automate, the Computrols newsletter.

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