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Distribution Partner Summit 2022 Recap


This year Computrols was delighted to be able to hold its annual Distribution Partner Summit in person at our Gretna Headquarters.

Distribution Partner Summit 2022

The event was very well attended and saw a great selection of our Distribution Partners from around the country who benefitted from hearing about the latest ongoing manufacturing challenges and how Computrols is dealing with them, initiatives towards Siemens integrations, and our newest software release called CBAS.Live plus more from our CEO Drew Mire.

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Hosted by Mike Clayton, the remainder of the day gave our Distribution Partners greater insights into the newly released Serial Connector, how to maximize the efficiency of our Siemens integration tools and know-how, and included a demonstration of best practices for utilizing BACnet IP on our LX controllers.

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Lunch was cooked and served by our CEO Mr. Drew Mire who treated everyone to his excellent Jambalaya. 

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Mike then gave our Distribution Partners a tour of the manufacturing facility here at Computrols HQ.

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The afternoon sessions were comprised of roundtable discussions and Q&A with one of our expert technicians. There was also a presentation by the Sales and Marketing team to offer assistance to our Distribution Partners in creating online content, email outreach, and social media management.

The feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive and our Distribution Partners commented that they had benefitted a great deal from attending.

For any organizations interested in becoming a Computrols Distribution Partner Computrols is holding a free webinar on November 9th at 10 AM CT on the subject of the Advantages to Becoming a Computrols Distribution Partner. If you would like to attend, you can reserve your place here.

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