X / LX Comparison Charts

X / LX Comparison Chart – General
Feature SetX-LineLX-LineCompare
On-Board Hardware   
Main Processor386EXSitara ARM Cortex-A8  
Processor Clock Speed25 MHz1GHz40 X
Million Instructions/Sec (MIPS)≈112000180 X
Non-volatile memory1M4G4,098 X
RAM512KB512MB1,024 X
Additional Memory TypeClock ChipMicro SD Card 
Additional Memory1 MB32+ GB32,768 X
USB Ports1 
Other ProcessorsSiLabs 8051 F580 
On-Board Software    
Access / HVAC FunctionDifferent FirmwareAll Inclusive 
Sunrise / SunsetExternal / ComputerInternal / DDC 
X-Line Classic Firmware 
Hand Held Server 
On-board Web Server  
Android Device Server  
Secure File System  
Networking & Communication   
Ethernet Speed10 Mbps10/100 Mbps10 X
Ethernet Network SecurityCBAS Authenticated
Socket Connection
Secure Sockets (SSL) 
Max Serial Comm Speed38.4 Kbps115 Kbps3 X
Serial ProtocolsDifferent FirmwareAll Inclusive 
Internet Protocols   
BAS Protocols/IP   


X / LX Comparison Chart – Points and Control
Feature SetX-LineLX-LineCompare
Point Types   
Binary Input (Dry Contact) 
Binary Output (24 VDC) 
Voltage Input (0-10 VDC) 
Voltage Output (0-10 VDC) 
Temperature Input (10K) 
Resistance Input 
30 Volt Input (0-30 VDC)  
Pulse Count (10 KHz)  
Pulse Width (1 msec)  
Point Features   
Overvoltage Protection24 VAC250 VAC10 X
Point Sampling Rate3 / sec224 / sec75 X
Noise FilteringMedianMedian Filter 
A/D Resolution12-bit12-bit 
Max Points *5005000+10 X
Wire Check**  
DDC Speed   
PID Loop Speed100 msec≤ 1 msec100 X
% Time used on DDC75%3%25 X

* Max Points and other resources vary with application. This benchmark is for typical point usage in an HVAC application.
** Wire Check is a system of automatic tools for determining wiring problems.


X / LX Comparison Chart – Accessories
Feature SetX-LineLX-LineCompare
Supported Accessories   
Computrols Hand Held 
Android Device  
USB Memory Stick  
Micro SD Card  
HDMI Monitor  
More to Come  
Accessory Features   
Local Control (Hand Held) 
Local Control (Android Device)  
DB Backup (Micro SD Card)  
View Equipment (Webcam)  
WiFi Access (USB Access Point)  
Bluetooth Access (USB Bluetooth)  
Local Display (HDMI Monitor)  
More to Come