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Computrols Year in Review


2016 was a landmark year for Computrols in many ways. We purchased a new facility for our headquarters and manufacturing, provided our customers with incredible energy savings, added new distribution partners, and a number of other noteworthy achievements. In case you missed it, here is a quick look back at this past year.

New Facility

New FacilityAfter many years of calling Rathborne Business Park home, Computrols has purchased a new headquarters and manufacturing facility just a few miles away in Gretna, LA. Since acquiring the building in March, Computrols’ team members, including founders Roy and Kevin Lynch, have been rigorously working to renovate the warehouse and office areas. Renovations in the warehouse portion have been complete and manufacturing resumed at the new location in December. Renovations in the office space are projected to be completed in February of 2017.

New Projects

Of our many new projects this year, we found the most resounding success at 4000 MacArthur Boulevard in Newport Beach, CA. The goals of the owners of the building were to reduce the number of hot and cold calls, reduce energy usage, and maintain as much of their current system as possible. Computrols accomplished these goals by first integrating to the existing Siemens system, allowing the existing infrastructure to be leveraged. Our team then retro-commissioned the buildings HVAC control and mechanical systems and implemented optimization strategies based on feedback from the newly installed system. In doing so, the Computrols team provided the owners with an ROI in less than three months!

Growing Southern California Branch

LACIIn the beginning of the year, Computrols further enhanced its footprint in Southern California by establishing an office at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. We also hired a new marketing representative for the territory, Mike Soto. The new office and additional support came in response to landing a number of new projects in the region.

New Website

On May 19th of 2016, Computrols launched its new website. The new site brought a cleaner look and user-friendly navigation while allowing easy access to visitors on mobile devices.

New Service and Distribution Partners

2016 also brought new partnerships. Computrols teamed up with F.E. Moran of Chicago, IL, Advanced Comfort Solutions of Cormorant, MS, and IETCO of Malaysia as distribution partners for Computrols building automation solutions. We are excited to add these great companies to our team and look forward to working with each of them.


Drew at LSFMAComputrols was all over the country this year exhibiting and speaking at industry trade shows. Computrols Director of Research & Development, Mike Donlon, spoke on the topic of machine learning in HVAC controls at both BOMA International (D.C.) and the Mid-Atlantic Buildings & Facility Management Show & Conference (New Jersey). The marketing team also exhibited at these two trade shows, taking home the award for the best pre-show marketing for the BOMA exhibition.
VP of Operations, Drew Mire, presented to the Louisiana School Facility Managers Association on new technology trends in building automation and how they affect K-12 Schools. This event was held a few hours away from Computrols headquarters in Marksville, LA.
The Computrols marketing team also exhibited at the Net Zero Conference, Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo, LABBC Technology Showcase, and GreenBuild International, all of which were held in Southern California.

Looking Forward to 2017

As 2017 gets off to a quick start, the Computrols team is looking forward to another year of growth and continuing to produce the world’s best building automation system. This year, our Research & Development team is projecting to release a new version of Computrols Building Automation Software, as well as the highly-anticipated LX Control Board. We also expect to see considerable expansion in our new home office as well as our branch and dealer locations throughout the country.

Automate Newsletter, January 2017This story appears in the January 2017 issue of Automate, the Computrols newsletter.

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