Computrols Takes Training On The Road

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This week, Computrols brought our CBAS Level I training course to three of our customers in Southern California. Computrols Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Mike Clayton was joined by our Dallas Branch Manager, Jeff Burnett, and Southern California Branch Manager, Andrew Walton, in conducting training courses onsite at National University, the San Diego Airport Rental Car Facility, and the Intersect Campus in Irvine.

Trainees started off their day with a high-level overview of Computrols hardware and software and then took a deeper dive into site-specific applications.

We will be conducting our next CBAS Level I Training on June 19-21 at our Gretna, LA headquarters. Contact your local sales rep or give us a call a 504-529-1413 to get signed up.


About Scott Holstein

Scott Holstein is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Computrols where he began working in early 2016. Holstein has since entrenched himself in the building automation industry and has written articles for the Computrols blog, ControlTrends, and and spoken at a number of industry events. Some of his specialties outside of sales and marketing include new technology trends in smart buildings, energy efficiency strategies, and the internet of things.