Monthly Archives: November 2020

Holding Your Team Accountable in CBAS

All too often we see building automation systems become building remote control systems. This happens for a few reasons, most of which are well-intentioned. For example, when a building occupant complains about being uncomfortable, it is the building engineer’s responsibility to remedy the situation in a timely manner. As a result, building engineers often find quick fixes such as putting a point in operator mode to achieve the desired result. By itself, there is really nothing wrong with this approach, however, doing so and not taking the time to find the underlying issue can be problematic. We also often see these points stay in operator because no one circled back to change it.

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George’s CBAS Tips November 2020

How to customize the Text View – All Points in CBAS 20

As I said last month, the latest CBAS versions have new features that enhance the way you view your CBAS database. I talked about the new Dark Theme and how to select or deselect it. That feature was added in CBAS 19. Now in CBAS 20, there are new ways of formatting Text View\All Points in order to make the points easier to read, especially on a large flat-screen display.

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