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Cooling Tower Control Based on “Approach”

Cooling Tower Approach

By Mike Donlon
Director of Research and Development, Computrols

The most common Cooling Tower Control System uses a fixed temperature setting for the condenser water supplied back to the chillers. For convenience, let’s label this temperature:

TO = Tower Outlet temperature

To control this value, most controls technicians would program a control loop (PID or similar) to vary the overall Cooling Tower Fan usage in order to maintain this temperature. In most large buildings, multiple Cooling Tower Fans are available for this purpose. Continue reading Cooling Tower Control Based on “Approach”


Automate | Computrols Newsletter, Nov. 2015

Nov 2015 NewsletterEditor’s Note
Welcome to Computrols’ Automate. Automate is a free newsletter dedicated to bringing you the latest in building automation technology with a focus on Computrols Building Automation Systems and products. Our goal is to provide continuing education to our readers in the field of Building Automation and to inform readers of product releases. Continue reading Automate | Computrols Newsletter, Nov. 2015