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Building Automation Technology Update: Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensors


You may not know this, but Computrols headquarters is frequently used as a testbed by its research and development team. In fact, right now there are about 40 wireless temperature and humidity sensors hanging from the ceiling of our manufacturing facility and office area. (pictured below)
Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensors
These sensors are powered by a long-life battery and communicate via Bluetooth back to a receiver. The receiver then transmits the data back to our head-end computer. Our research and development team will also be testing solar as a potential power source, with the possibility of using it as the primary power source with a battery as a back-up.
Wireless technology is an extremely hot topic in the building automation industry right now. In addition to space sensors, Computrols is also working on wireless duct sensors and wireless control by way of smartphones.


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