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FAQ – CBAS Graphics

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CBAS Graphics

Is it best to use hot keys to edit Graphics in CBAS?

When creating or editing graphics in CBAS, it is always best to use the hot keys rather than trying to use the menus.

Middle mouse button (scroll button): Takes you back to the last screen you were in when not in Edit Graphics.

Space bar: While in Program Graphics Mode, the space bar hides or shows art (background picture). When art is hidden, only objects are shown, which makes it easier to edit graphics in some cases.

Ctrl + E: Toggles from Program mode to regular viewing mode if you’re already in Graphics View.

Insert Graphic (Ctrl+Insert)
Delete Graphic (Ctrl+Del)
Delete Multiple Graphics (Alt+Del)
Position Graphics (Ctrl+Shift+P)

Duplicate Graphics (Ctrl+D)
Show/Hide Art (Space)
Insert Object (INS)
Global Edit Object (Alt+E)
Delete Object (Delete)

Align Left Edges (Alt+Shift+Left Arrow)
Align Right Edges(Alt+Shift+Right Arrow)
Align Top Edges (Alt+Shift+Up Arrow)
Align Bottom Edges (Alt+Shift+Down Arrow)

Space Across (Alt+Shift+A)
Space Down (Alt+Shift+A)

Make Same Width (Alt+Shift+W)
Make Same Height (Alt+Shift+H)
Make Same Size (Alt+Shift+S)

Send Backward (Ctrl+B)
Send To Back (Ctrl+Shift+B)
Send Forward (Ctrl+F)
Send To Front (Ctrl+Shift+F)

Cut (Ctrl+X)
Copy (Ctrl+C)
Paste (Ctrl+V)
Paste to Multiple Graphics (Ctrl+Alt+V)

How do I go back to the previous graphic in CBAS?

Back Button Feature for Graphics

In the Configure Workstation dialog there is a new check box named “Show BACK button in Graphics”. Check that box.

Then in the first graphics screen there will not be a BACK button (since there is nothing to go back to). So click a link and go to another graphic. The BACK button will appear as a giant button right in the middle of the graphic.

Enter Edit Graphics (CTRL+E) mode and edit the BACK button (name, colors, screen pos, size, font…). That will become the default BACK button. This button will then appear on every graphic page and it will be exactly the same on every page.

If you edit the BACK button on any page it will change it on ALL pages. There is only 1 BACK button. The BACK button will disappear if the user goes back to the beginning.

The back queue is only 20 items deep. So you can only press back 20 times before the button will disappear. Previously, the BACK only worked for the last 10.

If there are issues with the back button you can reset it back to its default values by deleting the CBAS.reg1 and CBAS.reg2 files in the CBAS directory. The BACK button settings are stored in this file along with anything else that gets read/written to/from the registry. For Workstations, copy the CBAS.reg1 and cbas.reg2 to the CBAS folder on the GW, or the back button will be placed in the middle of the graphics screens.

You can also use the middle mouse button to go back one graphic.

What size do I make my background images in CBAS Graphics?

The correct size of your background pictures in Graphics View depends on how the screen resolution is set on the DPU. To check the resolution, right-click the desktop and click Screen Resolution.

To get the size of the background at a different resolution, subtract 8 x 134 (approximately) pixels from the total resolution.

  • At 1280 x 720, use a size of 1272 x 584.
  • At 1280 x 960, use a size of 1272 x 824.
  • 1600 X 1200, use a size of 1592 x 1066
  • 1680 x 1050, use a size of 1672 x 916
  • 1920 x 1080, use a size of 1912 x 944 (or 946).

If auto-hiding the task bar, you can add to the height. 16 pixels or more.

To change the size in Visio, from the jpg saving screen, change the “Size” to Custom, change inches to pixels, then change the size by typing it in. Width x height.

How do I get graphics on my GW?

When connecting without file sharing, you have to copy the Graphics folder from the DPU/Server to the same folder on the GW. For instance, if the path to the Graphics on the DPU is C:\CBAS\[database]\Graphics, create the same path on the GW and place the Graphics folder there.

We do not recommend using file sharing for connecting the GW to the DPU and prefer to only use this as a last resort.