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CBAS Power User: Robert Hadley – Facilities Manager, Collins Aerospace



My name is Robert Hadley, and I am currently a Facilities Manager for Collins Aerospace in Miramar Florida.

I have an information technology background. I spent four years as a computer technician and eventually worked my way up the ranks to become a team leader to support a team of 30 technicians.

I decided to make a career change and took a job as an Apprentice Building Engineer back in 2004. I have been in property and facilities management ever since.

CBAS Power User: Robert Hadley

I still enjoy tinkering with computers, networking, and home automation as well. The lighting, HVAC, garage door, and sprinkler system, are just some of the things which I have automated at my home.

How long have you been using CBAS?

I have been a CBAS user since 2004 when I was introduced to the system. I have even had the pleasure of working with Kevin (Lynch) back in the days!

What are your favorite features in CBAS and why?

My all-time favorite feature in CBAS is the ability to program your own logic. The power and control that Computrols provides to its end users are game-changing.

At the hardware level, Computrols provides the ability to program any point, in any way you would need it. You are not limited to specific types on specific points like other systems.

Lifetime Warranty! Yes, you heard me correctly. Computrols offers a lifetime warranty on its hardware and has always stood behind it!

What have you been able to accomplish using CBAS?

I have been able to resolve some complex control scenarios using CBAS…everything from cooling tower temperature resets, chiller sequencing, ramp, and coast, functions.

Lighting control and power monitoring. Alarm event which can minimize damages as a result of water intrusion. The scenarios are truly limitless. If you can think of it, the system can do it. In the unlikely scenario it can’t, the Computrols team will work with you to make it happen. The flexibility the system offers its end users is just phenomenal!

What kind of impact has CBAS had on your building from an energy consumption and/or operational standpoint?

In all of the years I have been using Computrols, the outcome has always been the same: Energy savings and efficiency. If you install Computrols and can’t save a significant amount of energy, as well as run more efficiently, you are doing something wrong.

Are your employees more engaged with the system?

As the previous Chief Engineer for the Southeast Financial center in Miami Florida, my entire team had access to CBAS. They were always engaged and some even learned to program. The system is user friendly and allows for permission levels that can limit specific user types. You can create users with as little permission as “read-only” or as much as “administrator or full access”.

What do you see in the future of building automation?

Building automation is incredibly powerful and is becoming a necessity in order to operate efficiently and effectively. It is very possible that home and commercial automation become one, as we all want our lives to be automated to some degree.

Computrols has played a large role in my success and profound interest in automation over the years!

I am excited to see what the future holds for automation!

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