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Relationships over Profitability – Planned Obsolescence


For the past 40 years Computrols has focused on operating our business with the philosophy of

We answer to customers – not shareholders

As a result, our business practices are unconventional when compared to other Building Automation System Manufacturers. We believe in empowering the end-user and allowing a property to truly own a system as opposed to the system manufacturer having leverage over the system owner. Further, we are fanatical about delivering both quality products and quality service.

During our 40 years in the industry, we have witnessed the business practices of the other manufactures within the industry, however we have opted to take the unconventional path. While our business practices may place relationships over profits, we can not imagine running our business any other way.

Planned and forced obsolescence has and continues to be one of the top problems of Building Automation System owners. This 17-minute video takes a deep dive into planned and forced obsolescence across several products/industries such as: light bulbs, mobile phones, and personal garments.

Planned Obsolescence

At Computrols we have and will continue to prioritize relationships over profitability. We will do this by doing our very best to deliver quality in both our innovations and our service. As technology evolves, we will build new products, however designing in a viable migration path forward will be prioritized when developing the new products. This dedication to backwards and forwards compatibility is highlighted well between our X and LX controller lines.

It has been and remains our goal to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with both our customers and our partners. We recognize that our method of doing business does not align with all organizations, however we must remain true to who we are on our journey towards our company vision of being known globally as the premier solution in building automation due to the positive impact our solutions and services have on buildings and the people that operate them.

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