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A New Software Feature in Less than 24 hours


I recently visited one of our customers who expressed to me the fact that he really likes the header points feature in CBAS but wished that he could have more than two points. For those of you not familiar, this software feature allows for you to display any two database points just under the menu bar. These points and their values are displayed consistently regardless of what user is logged in. Furthermore, as with all CBAS point values, the values are updated in real time.

Back to my customer visit…our customer went on to explain that he had a large monitor that would allow more points to be displayed, however, he could only have two header points due to a software limitation.

Within minutes I was on the phone with one of our senior software developers to determine what it would take to implement such a feature. Later that day a new revision of CBAS was released that included this new feature. This feature can be found in CBAS revision number 15.2.19 and all revisions thereafter. The feature now allows up to 10 header points to be added.

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As a company, we pride ourselves on being nimble, and customer service is of the utmost importance to us. We have found that small acts like this set us apart drastically from our competitors and allow us to deliver unprecedented service and satisfaction to our valued customer base.

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