Celebrating 25 Years!

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To help celebrate Mike Harper’s 25 years with Computrols, we sat down with him to find out about his career highlights and his hobbies. You can watch the video interview below.

Mike Harper began working for Computrols before the company is what we know it as today. The first version of CBAS had just been created in DOS, and Computrols was primarily servicing third-party systems. Not having prior BAS experience, Mike cut his teeth while on the job, learning from the company’s founders. Over the year’s Mike has evolved into one of our top programmers and overall technicians. 

In his spare time, Mike’s hobbies include photography, barefoot waterskiing, and hanging out with his 4 children. Computrols and our customers have been extremely lucky to have Mike for the last 25 years.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do Mike!


About Simon Berry

Simon Berry hails from Manchester in the United Kingdom and started with Computrols in February 2020. Although new to the industry he brings a wealth of knowledge in his marketing expertise across many diverse industries. His eclectic experience of sales, marketing, franchising, design and content production are useful skills that Computrols is looking forward to utilizing.