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Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19


With all that has changed in the world over the last 2 months, we are all trying to manage how we return to the “new normal” that has been created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although facility managers and their service partners have always been in a position to ensure building occupants’ health and safety, this challenge has become all that much more difficult. The people going back into their buildings are highly aware of their personal space and cleanliness and are expecting those that are managing the facilities where they live, work, and play to be taking every precaution possible.

In this webinar, Computrols Director of Research and Development, Mike Donlon shares his knowledge on virus transmission, indoor air quality (IAQ), and virus prevention measures. He takes a look at various industry standards and technologies to help you and your team make your facility as safe and healthy as possible. Mike also discusses what virus prevention measures have additional benefits in order to justify the cost. Finally, he talks about how you should communicate this to the inhabitants of your buildings in order to give them peace of mind.

Here is an illustration depicting many of the themes of the webinar:

COMPUTROLS webcast Indoor Air Quality and COVID 19 with Mike Donlon 05 20 2020 1 1
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