HVAC Controls Project: Lyric Centre – Houston, TX

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The Lyric Centre, located at 440 Louisiana Street in downtown Houston, recently became one of Computrols newest customers. The building is 26 stories tall and provides approximately 385,000 square feet of commercial office space.

The Computrols Houston branch kicked off the project in October of 2017, integrating to the existing Johnson Controls system. In addition to interfacing with the existing JCI, DDC equipment, a core Computrols infrastructure is being installed. This infrastructure consists of a new headend computer, software, and lifetime-warranty controllers to replace the existing NAEs. These new DDC controllers communicate to the existing JCI equipment via N2 and BACnet protocols, enabling the building staff to monitor and control the existing JCI equipment. Computrols will also be providing additional lifetime-warranty controllers for future pneumatic to DDC floor conversions.

Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) will serve as the intuitive user interface for the building, enabling the facility engineers to control the system themselves. With CBAS, manipulating the system can be done easily with little to no support needed from Computrols technical support team. Of course, Computrols does offer 24/7 tech support if support is ever needed.

This system allows full comfort control and provides fault monitoring and will allow energy savings measures, such as Optimal Start/Stop and Supply Air Reset, to be implemented.

Computrols is excited to expand its already substantial footprint in the state of Texas. Three of Texas’ four tallest skyscrapers benefit from a Computrols Building Automation System.

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